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Luthais~Moonshine Herd~ Warrior

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Luthais~Moonshine Herd~ Warrior Empty Luthais~Moonshine Herd~ Warrior

Post by Sage on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:08 pm

Name: Luthais
Gender: Male
The Herd: Moonshine Herd
Breed: American Mustang
Age: 4 years
Position: Warrior
Looks( picture):// (Just put the http: in there)
Personality: Luthais is very noble and always stays at his leaders side. He is very sincere and never lies to anybody. When he sees danger, he is the first one to go after it and attack. He is always on high alert and always keeps an eye on the broodmares from afar to make sure they are safe.
Weakness: The only weakness he has is flashbacks of when his family was taken when he was just a foal.
Mane Color: A lightish color (I don't really know how to describe it)
Coat Color: Black
Extra markings (Scars, chip ear, blind..Etc): He has many scars scattered across his body from his years as Warrior.

History: Luthais doesn't speak of his past to anybody but those that were there. Sage and Quicksilver are the only ones who know anything about it. He was born and raised in the Moonshine herd and once his family was taken, he got the warriors at the time to train him. He has always protected Sage more than anybody because he saw the horror she had gone through when she got to the herd.
Siblings: Twin Logan (Taken by humans)
Parents: Torran and Quinn (Taken by humans)
Crushes: None
Life Partners(Mates): None
Foals: None

Secrets: He has no secrets.
Extra stuff:

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